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2010, sketchbook #4, plus Freaks and Geeks

These are just some pages from one of my 2010 sketchbooks, including a few Freaks and Geeks drawings I did. I love that show.

There's Millie...

...and there's Kim, with a few weird Sams on the side.

I like these pages.

I cleaned up a lot of these drawings in Photoshop not that long ago. I'll probably put them up in a post soon. I'm almost done archiving all my old art!

2010, Lord of the Rings sketchbook drawings

More nerdy fan art. I think when I originally posted these Lord of the Rings drawings, they were all cut up. I'm just posting the full pages this time, without cropping out the crappier drawings.

Hmm. I'm thinking it might be time to watch the extended versions of these again. And then watch all the extras. Then watch them again with the commentaries...

2010, How to Train Your Dragon sketchbook drawings

Even more fan art. I thought the designs in this movie were really good. Maybe the best CG people to date, in my opinion.

Ok that's it. I'm outta town for the weekend but I'll get back to posting on Monday. See ya!

2010, Harry Potter sketchbook drawings

More sketchbook fan art...this time it's Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Ginny. Sort of.

I love Professor Slughorn.

I know not everyone's a fan, but I love this stuff. I'm gonna draw a bunch more from the last two movies soon.

2010, Conan sketchbook drawings

I love Conan the Barbarian. I've really been in the mood to draw more Conan, and maybe some different barbarians. Anyone want to recommend some barbarian movies that would be good to draw from?

Baby Conans.

Valeria and Conan's mom.

There's a Subotai, some Thulsa Dooms, and my favorite, some Thorgrims, played by Sven-Ole Thorsen on this last page.

2009, sketchbook #2

Just more sketchbook stuff. I think this is the last 2009 post.

Next up are drawings from one of my favorite movies!

2009, sketchbook #1

So here's when I started carrying actual sketchbooks around, instead of drawing on loose leaf paper. I think it unintentionally created a change in how I draw. On loose leaf paper, I could do a drawing, say "Oh, this sucks, I'll throw it out", and then start over. But you can't really filter in a sketchbook, unless you want to throw away the whole book, or rip pages out.

In other words, it becomes less about "performing" on paper, and more about just drawing for yourself, which is a lot more freeing in a way.

The drawings above were me trying to figure out a design for a mini-comic I wanted to do. I never got around to it, though.

There are a lot of drawings of little Appalachian wall-eyed waifs in my sketchbooks. I think they're cute in a pathetic and sad way.

High school friends. I also always meant to do a comic about these people. I have a bunch roughed out, but I never finished them.

Happy Christmas!

More soon!