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Skadi book and CTN!!

I'm pretty happy...I was thinking I wouldn't be able to make it to CTNX this year, but it turns out I can! Also, I will be there selling the Skadi book, which is finally done!  It feels really exciting to hold a finished book in my hands.  Pretty neat. 

SO!  About the's pretty big, magazine size, 128 pages, and is in full color.  It's mostly made up of the comics from the first two years that Luke and I did Skadi, though there are a couple newer comics thrown in, as well as a bit of new art.  You can pre-order the signed book for 20 bucks plus shipping and handling at the new SKADI STORE, or you can wait and pick one up at CTNX.  I'll be sharing a booth HERE with Luke Cormican and Gabe Swarr.

Besides the 100 pages of comics, there are also nine beautiful pinups from art heroes Bill Pressing, Brianne Drouhard, Emmy Cicierega, Pedro Vargas, Becky Dreistadt, Alex Kirwan, Kristen McCabe, Shawn Dickinson, and Seo Kim.  There's even two bonus comics fro…