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2010, sketchbook #6

Finally back from out of town. Here's more sketchbook art...

New art coming soon, I promise!

2010, sketchbook #5

I'm nearly done with re-blogging all my old art! A lot of stuff was left out, but I got most the stuff I still kinda like. Anyhow, here's more sketchbook stuff from 2010.

I like how the two girls in the bottom corner came out on the one above.

These ones are kind of hard to see, but they're unfinished drawings of this feral little girl called Genie. Her story is really sad. Google her if you're in the mood to feel really shitty.


Forest girls- one of my favorite things to draw besides hillbillies.

Highschool friends. I still want to make some comics about the dumb stuff that went on back then, but I don't know if I'll ever get around to it for real.

More coming soon!

2010, Sketchbook from Brandy

My good friend Brandy gave me this beautiful sketchbook that she got from the Renaissance fair last May (at least I think it was May), and I vowed to only draw wood nymphs and forest girls in it. I have yet to fill it completely, but here are a few of the drawings that I have in it.

Here's a photo of how cute the sketchbook is.

More soon!