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Watercolors, French girls, sociopathy

Finally, some new stuff. Here are some girlie watercolors I did tonight.

I've been in a big drawing rut for a while now, but forced myself to draw while I watched this French 70's movie, "Don't Deliver Us From Evil." I've wanted to get away from just drawing girls, but the two main actresses were too cool looking not to draw. Here are some Post-It drawings of Anne (Jeanne Goupil), a long-limbed sociopathic school girl. She's not always this deadpan in the movie.

Also, a warning- while this movie is interesting to watch, I had a hard time getting through it because of some disturbing themes, and some really horrible treatment towards animals. I really don't deal well with that type of thing. So if you're sensitive about that sort of thing, maybe skip this one. Part of me would like to re-watch the movie and do some more drawings of the other main actress as well, but I'm not sure that'll happen anytime soon.

Here's one more watercol…

2007, cleaned up drawings

Unfortunately I'm missing a few of these. I ended up selling them without getting scans of them all. Smart!
The one above makes me want to try water coloring again.


Whew, this is gonna be a long post!! It's probably going to get me in trouble, too! Well, anyone that knows me knows that I'm very (maybe annoyingly) nostalgic. I actually really enjoyed highschool, and really miss it. I had it really easy...I somehow managed to pass without ever turning in homework and ditching half my classes to spend my afternoon at the lake. No responsibilities at all!! I want to go back!! Anyhow, this above drawing is supposed to be me and my friend Em when we went as Sailor Scouts for halloween.

More Em! Here is realistic Emli. She's fun to draw because she has real-life cartoon eyes- the kind that are huge with lots of shines and long eyelashes! I like her because she is smart and funny and good at a lots of things.
A little more cartoony...this blonde one above is "Cancer Victim Emli." At least that's what my mom called her when we washed the bleach out. I thought she looked cute though!
These are drawn from memory, and the little dinky …