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Mostly Conan, plus Khaleesi.

I haven't had much time for drawing lately, but here are some sketches I did a while ago while re-watching Conan the Barbarian for the 50th time.  They look a bit somber to me.  I still feel weird drawing men, so it's harder to loosen up.  I'm also just rusty from not drawing for myself lately.

Thulsa Doom and Conan in his little cultist getup.

These ones are actually from Conan the Destroyer, cause I couldn't find my copy of Conan the Barbarian and got desperate.

Rexor.  I love this guy.

There's been a trend lately to use the app Instagram to take photos of your drawings, and add filters to them.  It seems a bit like cheating, but the results just look cooler, and I can't help but wanna do it. 

Conan's ma.

Cultist princess lady.

It's been kind of a crappy time lately, so I've been having a hard time drawing loose and cartoony. A couple years ago I did some Conan drawings that are more spontaneous and lively.  You can see them here, if you're …