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Post that has nothing to do with Valentine's

The next few posts I want to do will be about my hillbilly comic characters, but since I still need to go digging to find them, here are some drawings that were originally put up on my Tumblr. Here's Anne and Lore from Don't Deliver Us From Evil (again).

I post a lot of weird little post-its and work doodles on my Tumblr. Most of the stuff on there doesn't make it to my blog.

Here's a new character from my Skadi comic.

I do this kind of stuff when I'm at work waiting for a new assignment.

It took me a while to figure out how Tumblr worked, and why anyone would want to use it, but it's actually pretty neat.

Doodled on a windy day. Come back soon to see more hillbilly stuff! Thanks guys!