So, as it's probably pretty plain to see, all the art has been taken off my blog. I had a little mishap with Picassa (Google's new photo organizing software), and unintentionally deleted everything- not just off my blog, but off my computer's hard drive as well. I was pretty devastated when happened, and as dramatic as it may sound, I felt like a little piece of my artistic identity was gone. Luckily I had most of the drawings backed up on a separate hard drive, so only a small amount of art has been lost for good.

The reason I'm writing a blog entry about this is because I'd like some feedback from the people who visit here sometimes to let me know what they think I should do. My plan right now is to redesign the blog, and delete all the old, broken entries, and start posting new stuff as soon as I can.
Or would it be better to try and fix the old entries that can be fixed?

Anyhow it makes me sad to not have my older art online somewhere. I thought about making a separate portfolio site to show older drawings that I liked, but then had the idea to just archive it myself, on here. So for a while all my entries would be older drawings that may or may not have been seen. It might be a boring bunch of entries for a while, but at least it would make me feel a little better about having lost all the old ones. It'd also be better organized than before.

I'm trying to see this as an opportunity to start fresh and anew, and I'd love to hear anyone's opinion on what they would do with a six year old blog that suddenly went kaput. I apologize for this wordy post, but my blog keeps me motivated to draw, and it's important to me.

P.S. To anyone else who is as hapless as I am when it comes to computers...be careful when using the new Google+ and Picassa. I had no idea that messing with them could make me lose so much art.

P.P.S. Here's a Photoshop doodle I kinda scrapped before finishing. I should at least post something to make up for all this text!
Thanks for reading, guys!


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