Girls fighting pens, goddesses, and somber redheads

Yikes, I haven't been updating this blog much!  Here's some recent stuff, though.  A lot of it has appeared on my Tumblr, so sorry for the repetition.  

I got this neat pose book in Little Tokyo with people fighting, so here are some tiny doodles I did while looking at it.

Next I wanna try drawing some of the men in the's getting boring drawing just girls all the time.

Hopefully the Instagram treatment isn't too annoying to anyone.  I've seen people complain, but honestly it's a pretty useful tool for getting your art seen by people outside of your circle!  Here's a scan of the actual sketchbook, just in case.

A little while ago I had a day-long obsession with Artemis and drew her a bunch.  When I was younger I really liked Greek mythology and she was my favorite goddess.

Man, this new blogger stuff is a pain in my ass.  Anyhow, above is a sketchbook doodle and it's Photoshop clean up.  Which one do you prefer?  Here's some more Photoshop clean up...the original sketches were kinda crappy.


 Here's some more watercolor stuff I did a while ago...I originally posted them on my Tumblr after putting them through Instagram, but I'll just put the originals here.

 Nevermind, I lied...I'll put one filtery one here cause it just looks cooler....  >__<

Also, big news! I'm finally getting my first book out this's a collection of the first two years or so of my webcomic, Skadi.  If you're going to APE this year you might be able to get one, otherwise I'll be selling them myself online near the end of the month.  You can find them at the Dumm booth, with Luke and Gabe. Unfortunately I won't be there...I had no idea we would be finishing the book on time to be sold at the conventions, and I never got tickets.  I'm gonna be signing them though!

Here is a map for where you can find them at APE, if you're going.

Thanks for checking back!  ^u^


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